Barbara A. Thomson

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  • Founder, President, and Statistical Consultant, Thomson Data Analysis, responsible for the management and execution of research projects
  • P.Stat. since 2007.  The P.Stat. designation represents accreditation as a Professional Statistician by the Statistical Society of Canada.


Assistance, planning, analysis, and advice for:

  • Canadian Institute of Actuaries
  • Chicken Farmers of Ontario/Chicken Producers of Ontario
  • Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc.
  • CTV (election coverage)
  • US Air Pilots Association
  • Toronto Area Law Librarians
  • Many projects for University of Toronto researchers and administrators
  • Many projects for medical researchers and businesses
  • Extensive support for quantitative research in genetics and anthropological projects (Stony Brook)


  • Author of 33 refereed journal articles and one software package  (Click here for details.)
  • Member, Statistical Society of Canada
  • Research associate for the Statistical Consulting Service in the Department of Statistics, University of Toronto, responsible for designing experiments and research programs and for the statistical analysis of academic and medical investigations (2000-09)
  • Computer programmer/statistician/technician in the lab of Dr. Robert R. Sokal in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University (1980-98)
  • M.S. Degree, Statistics Program, Department of Applied Mathematics, Stony Brook University (1990)
  • Research assistant in the lab of Dr. R. C. Plowright, Department of Zoology, University of Toronto (1979-80)
  • Community services assistant, Wisconsin Career Information System, Madison, Wisconsin (1977-79)
  • Insurance underwriter, General Casualty Company of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin (1973-77)
  • B.S. Degree in Mathematics Education with Honors and Highest Distinction in Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago (1972)